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From Various Publications and Military Personnel

“You have written a tremendous book on The Fighting Pattons. I couldn’t put it down. The first chapters contain descriptions of key portions of the elder Patton’s life, and his associations with his son. The rest is a riveting revelation of a truly outstanding leader — the last Patton General — a fearless commander on the battlefields of Korea and Vietnam.”

Lt. Gen. Harold G. Moore, (USA-Ret.)
Co-author and subject of the movie:
We Were Soldiers, starring Mel Gibson as Hal Moore

“The author starts out comparing the careers of father and son, but very quickly... the book turns into an account of the younger George Patton's career. And what a story it is! The narrative is strong, stirring and inspiring.”

Martin Blumenson
Editor, The Patton Papers
Author of Patton: The Man Behind the Legend, 1885-1945
From a review in Army magazine

“While Major General George S. Patton, Jr. has been immortalized in books and film, the junior Patton is less well known to the general public. The latter earned distinction throughout his military career leading troops in combat in Korea and Vietnam. Sobel presents a balanced portrayal of the men and their myths. The strength of this book rests in Sobel's profile of the junior Patton with his anecdotes and pointed thoughts on Vietnam, the media, the Gulf War, nuclear weapons and today's army. This work is recommended for the general reader and the military buff.”

Col. William D. Bushnell, USMC (Ret.)
Library Journal

“Highly recommended and engrossing reading as well as giving us a view of the Pattons that has never before been seen. A wonderful and moving portrait of the Patton family.”

Excerpt of a review in Military Magazine

“I have seen many excellent studies of the legendary George Patton, ranging from military biographies to critical assessments of his generalship. But I have never read a more insightful and personal account of Patton the man than in Brian Sobel’s The Fighting Pattons... The Fighting Pattons is personal, poignant and undeniably powerful.”

Michael Stephenson
Editor, The Military Book Club

“The Pattons lead the list of America's most distinguished fighting generals in this century. Brian Sobel's interesting book provides ample evidence of this fact.”

General Alexander M. Haig, Jr. (Ret.)

“There is immutable magic in the name Patton. This newest book, this continuation of the Patton legend, largely focuses on MG George S. Patton, the son of the World War II warrior. Brian Sobel, as wordsmith, burnishes the Patton legend to the soft glow of heirloom gold.”

Excerpt of a review in the newsletter of the Patton Society

“(The Fighting Pattons) presents a unique view of a military family, displaying the lives of a father who would become an American hero, and a son who excelled on his own terms... This is the only book on the Patton family with commentary from both the son and daughter of General George S. Patton. Provides never before published information.”

Book News, Inc.
Portland, Oregon

“I fought in World War II under General Patton and young George fought under my command in Vietnam. Thus I knew them both in peace and in battle. Your book describes them well.”

General William Westmoreland

“I know the good reputation of General Patton as the commander of the Third Army who swept over Germany. I had to surrender my unit near Linz, between Vienna and the German border. I became a POW for 87 days. I learned from your book so many details about both Pattons I did not know. I read your book with high interest. You can be very proud of this book, it is so well done.”

Colonel Berend Werncke (Ret.)
Konz, Germany

“What a great book!... I recommended it in a recent staff meeting. It has just the right touch.”

General Walter “Dutch” Kerwin (Ret.)
Former Army Vice Chief of Staff


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